2008 First Exposure to Honeynet (working with Nepenthes)

2010 4 SGU students are setting up Malware Lab to perform Malware Behavior Analysis

2010 First Malware Training conducted by Aat Shadewa (How to perform Malware Static Analysis)

2010 First Honeypot setup in Swiss German University

2010 First Publication of malware research on ACT 2010 (more publications can be viewed here)

2011 SGU team speaked at 2nd ACAD CSIRT event in ITS Surabaya and slides can be obtained here.

2011 SGU team speaked at SecureAsia 2011 about Collecting automatic spreading malware

2011 Fine tuning Dionaea and create repository for collected malware

2011 2 SGU students are exploring high interaction honeypot

2011 Unissula visitation to Swiss German University Malware Lab and SGU conducted workshop on Malware Lab Setup and Fine Tuning Dionaea

2011 Declaration of Honeynet – Indonesia Chapter (Indonesia Honeynet Project)

2012 Indonesia Honeynet Project established (19 January 2012)

2017 Indonesia Honeynet Project Conference (ihpcon 2017) (5 September 2017)

Indonesia Honeynet Project Official Web Site


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